Our Team

Ankit Gupta


Right at the helm of the team is Mr. Ankit Gupta who is the owner of Camp Ace and has been leaving no stones unturned to make Camp Ace the premier spot for camping. With 16 years of on-field experience in the travel and camping industry, he has studied the nooks and corners of what guests want in a camp. Building his base from a Delhi-based company, he has climbed his way up to successfully running multiple camps in Rishikesh.​

Agrim Banerjee


Anil Rawat


An integral member of our team, he is a qualified graduate from Bangalore followed by a Master of Management from Sydney. His merit as a management professional from the fact that he was a central member of the launch team of Zomato in Sydney. He started with inbound sales and has successfully made his way to the top being the Vice President of Trinetra Tours based in Delhi, which is clear proof of his expertise. Apart from this, he is an avid traveller personally with 10+ countries to his merit. His travel to the World Travel Market in London has a hand to play in his excellence in the Travel and Tourism industry. 

To help Camp Ace in conducting its operations seamlessly, we have Mr. Anil Rawat to look after the details of it. He is responsible for regulating the operations of the camp while looking over the safety aspects. His ample experience of 6 years bears evidence of his expertise in the camp maintenance sector. He is the man behind the curtain who smoothly runs the camp to make sure that the guests get whatever they need to make their stay a memorable one. Be it fresh, organic produce or the inclusion of activities in the itinerary, he is the one who makes it all happen.

Ankit Rana


For a supreme overview, we have Mr. Ankit Rana as the manager of Camp Ace. He is the man behind the curtains who keeps the staff aligned to offer the optimum level of luxury to every guest. He is ready at the service of each guest with ears open to suggestions to make people’s camping trips bigger and better.